Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pac Match Party online game

I've gotten Pac-Man fever all over again upon discovering this highly addictive online puzzle game from Namco. All you have to do is flip the images of pac-man, the ghost monsters, treats to match 3 or more of the same kind. Upon matching 3 symbols of presents, you get a special ability to destroy rows and colums of ghost monsters and pacmen. Oh there are solid blocks that must be destroyed as well. Now as you are working on the level, pacman is gobbling up dots around the border outside of the play area. And thee's a slow moving ghost monster moving around the board as well. So each time you make a match, pacman moves ahead, but if the ghost catches up with pacman the game is over. The cool thing is that if you match ghosts nearby pac man symbols, pacman gobbles up the ghosts. It's a very addicvive and fun online game. Try it at and look for the online game Pac Match party online game.

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